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BalMasque2La Bal Masqué Nocturne was a charity event that we held October 2006 in Phoenix, AZ. We did not raise much money beyond what was necessary for us to break even, however we still donated our own money to the American Cancer Society that year. The following year, we held an online-only event in Second Life. This event also raised very little and it was further degraded in translation from their online money plus fees into actual currency. The planned event in 2008 never took place.

I have kept the old FAQ here for posterity.

Hello, this page is about the questions you might have before coming to the Ball. I have been contacted by our mysterious benefactor, Comtesse Desiree, and was fortunate enough to ask her some questions.

Q: Where is the Ball going to be held?

A: For our Second Annual Ball we decided to hold it online in Second Life. As of right now, the location "in-world" is a secret. As the event draws near, we'll announce the location, and you will pay online "at the door".

Q: When?

A: Saturday night, October 13, 2007, starting at Noon (Arizona Time) and it will continue for 24 hours.

Q: What's the atmosphere going to be like?

A: 18th Century France, with all of its decadence, romance, indulgence, and mystery.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Your best over-the-top vampyre gothic costume you have or can dig up. Remember there will be a costume contest. Dress to impress, as they say.

Q: It's a masquerade ball, but do I have to wear a mask? Or, if I don't have a mask, can I still attend?

A: It is a masquerade ball, so we encourage a mask. However, if you really can't stand to wear one, we understand. Again, keep in mind there will be a contest for the "best second face forward", or mask.

Q: So how many contests will there be, and what are the categories?

A: We are planning on the following: Best costume, Most creative, Most original, Sexiest vampire costume, Best second face forward (mask), and a vampire Trivia contest. We want to let everyone have a chance to strut their stuff.

Q: What inspired the Ball?

A: My mom died of lung cancer, and I know of so many other people who had been affected by cancer one way or another. I'm a goth at heart, and throwing a vampyre's ball seemed only natural.

Q: Why vampires, and why is it held in Phoenix -- the Valley of the Sun?

A: First, because there isn't anything else like this; I think that's a shame. Second, I was inspired by the novel, LILITH'S LOVE, by Dan Shaurette. It's a vampire love story set in modern-day Phoenix, AZ.

Q: Is this a Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) event?

A: This is not a LARP, nor is this event in any way affiliated with White Wolf or the Camarilla. If attendees wish to do LARP sessions during part of their visit, it will not be prevented. Your enjoyment is our desire, but we are not hosting this specifically for such play. Having said that, there will be a dramatic element and story woven throughout the night's events.

Q: Why are the tickets so inexpensive?

A: This virtual Ball is an experiment. 500L$ is a decent price for in-world events, and is much like the cover price at an event. Cost of Linden Dollars fluctuates, but it stays pretty stable under $2.50 USD. We know you'll probably spend a little money on dressing up your avatar and this may cost you a little more money to buy "costumes" and a "mask", which you will find in many shops. (We may even provide links here to help out those new to Second Life.) However, please remember that this is a fundraising event for charity. There will be Donation boxes at the event, and if you like what you see and want to help us hold the Ball in Phoenix in 2008, we hope you'll donate either in world or online.

Q: What are the prizes?

A: The prizes will be announced at the Ball.

Q: This event is for charity -- where does the money go?

A: Our event is a benefit to support the American Cancer Society. They'll take our donation and distribute it equally across their various programs. Everything from research to helping a family pay for hotel rooms close to a hospital where a family member is being treated. From someone's grandparents or perhaps for a child.

Q: Is anything going to be sold at the event?

A: We expect to have vendor tables at the event, selling a various assortment of their wares.

Q: Is this going to be an annual event?

A: We certainly hope so. Everyone has fun while a good cause benefits.

Q: I want to help somehow, but I can't make it to the Ball.

A: You can donate one of two ways. We have a link to the American Cancer Society where you can donate directly, or you could donate to La Bal Masqué Nocturne. We will earmark part of your donation to go directly to them, and the rest will be to help make sure we have an annual event.

Q: How do I buy tickets?

A: As of right now, you cannot buy them in advance, nor can you buy them outside of Second Life. If this changes, we'll provide details about that. So for now, when the link to enter the Ball is made public, you'll have to log on and pay "at the door".

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