Oct 272009

Just dropping by to give you all a Halloween update. Don't forget about our Lost Boys

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but we won't be discussing it live. Hope you'll listen and send in your comments. See you soon.

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Oct 052009

Folks, don't forget that the new episodic drama set in Joss Whedon's Buffyverse, Angel Between The Lines premeires today!

Also, the final episode of Buffy Between The Lines, the series that started it all, goes live today as well.

I have been a huge have of Buffy Between The Lines since it started. It has been a fun, thrilling, listen. Episode one of Angel Between The Lines sounds great and I know there is much more awesome to come.

Give it a listen!

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Oct 012009

Michelle and I will be presenting a special edition of our podcast on Halloween where we will discuss our number one, all-time favorite vampire movie, The Lost Boys!

"How is this different than your usual podcast?" I hear you asking. That's where YOU come in. We are actively and directly seeking content from you! Send us voice mails, emails, MP3s attached to emails, comments, telegrams, you name it!

Give us your thoughts about the 1987 CLASSIC Joel Schumacher flick. Tell us why you love it, hate it, hate yourself for loving it... you get the idea. We may even chat about LB2: The Tribe and, yes, the proposed Lost Boys 3.

If we can get enough folks willing and able to join us, we are going to try to do a live chat with you all and record it for this episode. (Using Skype, or TalkShoe, or some similar technology.)

So, let's get ready to sleep all day, party all night; never grow old and never die. It's fun to be a vampire!

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Sep 182009

The wonderful WNDRWolf, aka Jack Hosley, interviewed yours truly for his podcast at WanderRadio.com. We talked about everything from my novel, to this podcast, to my lifelong fascination with vampires, my favorite podcasts, and so much more. I hope you'll give it a listen. It's cool to be on the other side of the interview, and we had a great time.

Also, Michelle and I expect to be back next week with episode #50! See you all then!

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Aug 102009

This month's story from the Erotica à la Carte radio show and podcast, "The Thirsty Earth", airs this Thursday on RadioDentata.com at 10PM EDT.

Pip tells me it is "a tale of sex, blood and vampires." Mmmm, three of my favorite things in one steamy dish!

If you miss the story on Thursday night, have no fear, as the Erotica à la Carte podcast will have it for download shortly after that.

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