About the Vampire Writers Support Group


The Vampire Writers Support Group was founded by author Brian Patrick McKinley as a group on Facebook in 2012. In his own words, he founded it "mostly as a place where I could discuss my work with other writer friends who wrote paranormal-themed books. That’s all. No grand plans of anything beyond being able to talk shop with other writers who understood... Only a year later, The Vampire Writers Support Group has over 350 members and is publishing its first anthology of member stories. To say that I’m proud to be a part of this is a massive understatement. I’m blown away!"

When folks started talking about putting together an anthology of short stories from its membership, many folks including Dan Shaurette stepped up to help make it possible. Dan worked as editor, cover artist, layout designer, and publisher to get the eBook and paperback into stores. It would not have been possible without the excellent submissions that had been reviewed and edited collaboratively by the authors.

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