Nov 252012
* Chat with sisters and authors Alexandra (Lexxx) Christian and Lucy Blue.
- I met them both thanks to my Vampire Writers Anonymous Facebook page!
Lexxx Christian, the Southern Belle from Hell, is a writer of paranormal erotic romance.
I just finished Strange Bedfellows: Three to Tango, which I absolutely loved!
I'm currently reading her first novel, Hellsong.
She has more titillating titles like Sanguine Kiss, Masquerade, Second Skin, and Beast of Burden.
Then we have her sister, Lucy Blue, a paranormal romance author. I'm reading her short story anthology, Tender Bites.
She is also the author of the Bound in Darkness series: My Demon's Kiss, The Devil's Knight, and Dark Angel.

Is it unfair to say that erotica is literary porn? Is that too base?
Horror and Sex/Erotica - two great tastes?
Readership is predominately female, but how large is your male fan base?
Twilight Saga: An underage virgin's guide to bestiality and necrophilia
50 Shades...
The Vampire Diaries, TV and books
True Blood, and the Sookie Stackhouse books
Lost Girl - Succubi, wolves, and fae, oh my!
What's next for you both? More sanguinarian smut?
They are currently working together on a "futuristic, steampunk, Jack-the-Ripper story"!
Lexx is also working on a new book that revolves around Azrael, the angel of death.
Where can folks find these naughty nocturnal novels?
Tender Bites is only on Amazon Kindle. Her other books are available in ebooks and as paperbacks.
All of Alexandra's ebooks are available on Amazon,, etc., and her romance books can also be found at

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