Oct 092011
* With Marc Vale, the author and podcaster of a short story anthology called All Roads Lead to Blue Lake, which you can subscribe to over at Podiobooks.com.
- We talked about Podiobooks.com, the awesome Mike BennettEvo Terra and Jeff Moriarty of ePublish UnumScott Sigler and Seth Harwood of Author Boot Camp, and so much more.
- We also talked about the *other* LILITH'S LOVE, and what my prequels are going to be about. And somehow from that we began talking about our processes of writing.

* E.M.Forster's THE MACHINE STOPS by M.J. Hahn
Underwood and Flinch by Mike Bennett
GothHaus Season One on Podiobooks.com
DUSK'S WARRIORS podcast novel, the sequel to NIGHT'S KNIGHTS by Emerian Rich
Horror Addicts podcast, hosted by Emerian Rich

* We wrapped the show by playing, "Dracula's Cat" by Dance Monkey Dan, a Marc Vale Production!

That wraps up this episode of the Out Of The Coffin podcast. Thanks for listening!

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