Nov 172009

* This is Episode #53 for November 17, 2009.
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* LILITH'S LOVE Chapters 1 & 2 are live.

* Video from PodCampAZ where I was interviewed about LILITH'S LOVE.
-Part One:
-Part Two:
- Many thanks to Dani Cutler and Dan & CJ Feierabend for the interview, Izzy Video for capturing great live content like music by Jack Mangan, and everyone who made PodCampAZ 2009 the biggest and best yet! We'll see you all in 2010!

* Tales of the Children/Angel Between The Lines - The Crossover Event" on Wednesday, November 18, 2009.
- Tabz is releasing the audio production of "Exit Strategy," a short story that PG Holyfield wrote that is set in the Wolfram & Hart setting from the Angel TV show. -
- Then at 9:30 PM Eastern time PG Holyfield will be performing a live reading of Tabz's Tales of the Children short story, "Love's Sacrificial Song." -
- My feature article about PG Holyfield should drop Nov. 19th at
- I've gotta say, I had a blast at HallowEvo*Con, especially since I was able to chat with PG on the video stream when I was dressed as Arames Kragen from his podiobook "Murder At Avedon Hill".

* Episode three Angel Between The Lines: The Truth is Out There drops the week of Nov 23rd, I believe.
- I voiced Pete for this episode. It was a lot of fun to record and it is a great episode with vampires, ghosts, and aliens, oh my!

* Ben Relles from's "Key of Awesome" does a new music video every week.
- He recently did a video called "Twilight Sucks/Emo Vampire" which was hysterical! "Trick or Treat Or Die" and "Metallica Pussy Cats" were brilliant, too. Go check them out!

* Blood Energy Potion on sale now.
- You HAVE to check out their website: <a target=_blank>
- They even have the Nutrition Facts and Heating (to 98.6°F) Instructions listed on the website.
- I found them for $3.99 at Fry's Electronics. Naturally you can also find it at

* NEW MOON opens Nov. 20th.
- Many theatres have sold out, so if you have tickets enjoy the movie.

* Land of Caern: Tales of the Children podcast anthology by P.G. Holyfield.
* Angel Between The Lines
* Vote for Buffy Between The Lines at the Podcast Awards

* Michelle and I had alot of fun recording her lines from chapter two. I wanted to share the outtakes with you.

* Our intro music is "24 FPS" by À Rebours, from their album Vanish, which can be found at iTunes among other places. Check out Ian Stone's MySpace page and blog, too. Find out more about À Rebours and their sister bands at Final Joy Records.

That wraps up this episode of the Out Of The Coffin podcast. Thanks for listening!

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