Jun 262012
* New Wave Entertainment is interested in making a documentary series about "human living vampires".
- "Our intent is to shed stereotypes and sensational hype, while providing America with a realistic glimpse into the vampire culture and community."
- Listen to stories about Curses by Donald L. Pitsiladis, Will McNeice, Rish Outfield, Jeremiah Donaldson, Philip Carrol, and yours truly Dan Shaurette
- Vote for your favorite before July 27th. Winner will be announced in August.
- When you use this promo code, 3% of your purchase will go to the International Committee of the Red Cross.
// TV
- Lilith, the Vampire Bible, and the Sanguinista Movement
- I enjoyed the movie, even though I feel it was too short. Only a few scares for those who want to see more, but the movie is a gorgeous, action-packed ride. My only complaint, and this is one I feel is a common problem with books translated to film, is that it is barely an adaptation of the novel. A truer adaptation would have been long and slow, so I understand why Seth Grahame-Smith trimmed and primped as he did. Let me put it this way: the novel was like reading a biography of Abe with vampires added, but the movie was like watching a period vampire flick with Abe added. Just know that going in and I think you'll enjoy the movie. I especially enjoyed Mary Elizabeth Winstead (forever known by me as the hot girl from Scott Pilgrim) in her role as Mary Todd Lincoln -- she was great. Rufus Sewell makes a pretty good bad guy, too. Alan Tudyk didn't have nearly enough screen time as Stephen Douglas.
- By the way, the "vampire hunter" at the end of the movie, who we only see from behind, is writer Seth Grahame-Smith himself.
- Michelle gives it an 8, Dan gives it a 7.
* We wrapped the show by playing "Fallen Angel" by The Grey In Between, with thanks to Jamendo.
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