Apr 122009

I hope you all had a good Ostara... Eostre... Easter... whateva. I had a blast with the kids. This was the first year without the "easter bunny". I was shocked by how easily even the 7 year old agreed that, so long as there was a basket with toys and candy, he didn't care who brought it.

The day began simple enough, with the dying of eggs, baking of dump cake, and getting kids ready to go off to grandparents' house.

But just before this, I made a (mostly) harmless tweet about it being "vampire Jesus day" and not the heretical, but obviously more popular, "zombie Jesus day".

This grabbed the attention of Kim the Comic Book Goddess, host of the awesome "Your Moment of Kim" podcast, who is tragically caught up in the cult of the Zombie Jesus (or in the very least espouses the superiority of their gospel.)

Now, I'm not one to try to convert anyone, but I do enjoy a healthy debate especially when either religion or the undead are involved. I therefore cannot miss out on the opportunity to debate "Jesus: Zombie or Vampire?" on our podcast. We hope to have Kim on the show soon to have this lively (um, is that the right word?) debate.

In the meantime, I want to hear from you. Yes YOU! Send us feedback, tweets, voicemail, or what have you, and let us know which is more likely: did Jesus rise from the dead as a vampire or a zombie, and what is your case for your position?